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Improving Masculine Essence

We suggest applying a drop of the product onto the forehead as this is the centre of the upper head chakra or energy channel, known as the Sahsrara. This activates powerful, subtle masculine energy.

We also recommend applying a drop over the heart in order to open the 'Chakra of Love' - to help you open up to others and unlock the doors to masculine loving energy.

End application with a circular massage in the lower stomach area, with 36 movements to the right and 36 to the left to enhance the stimulating effects of this product.

As an alternative you can apply a drop to each side of your neck, like any normal cologne, filling the air around you with an aroma of seductive charm.


Alchemic Moxa Treatment

As a complement to this treatment visit a spa or beauty center for our unique Alchemic Moxa Treatment - recommended twice a week for one month.


A Rite for a Special Date

Before a date to protect your magnetism and seductive powers:

Take a shower or a relaxing bath with Alqvimia's own Anti-stress Bath and Shower Gel.

Next, gently massage Seductive Man Body Oil to lightly moistened, recently-cleansed skin in the lower stomach area. Apply one drop to the forehead another over the heart and one drop behind each ear lobe.

Finally, bring your hands close to your face and breathe in the fragrance of Seductive Man on your hands, let its aroma fill your mind and body, with relaxing, deep breaths.


A Ritual for Increased Togetherness

Seductive Man can be used by couples in loving games. It is also a perfect product for use in combination with Alqvimia's Sensuality Body Nectar Woman. Sexual and sensual energies reach their height when both products are used by respective male and female partners - and the greater the attractive power, the greater the pleasure.

Apply Seductive Man behind the earlobes and on the wrists.

Carry out a gentle massage with Sensuality Woman on the bust, lower stomach area and pubis, and don't forget your partner's own erotic areas.

Let your partner give you a gentle massage with Seductive Man on the lower stomach area, pubis and your own, personal erogenous zones.

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